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Captain: Abraham Askari (deceased)
Captain: Abigail Askari
Vice-Captain: Valefor Baccarny
Chief Advisor: Seth Askari
Secretary: Tom Askari
Treasurer: Tom Askari
Key Members: Ajax Quinlin, Falkor Bricot, Nathaniel Murdoch, Haley Cadifor, Troy Rowe, Keir Raven

Of the supernatural beings - The supernatural beings are demons birthed from the evil/corrupted/bad auras of men. They're the embodiment of men's evil. They prey on humans. Those that are solid (that can be touched/seen/heard) kill living beings and devour their souls. Those that are spirits latch onto humans and draw strength from the human's dependency on them
Of the Askari family - Only a small few are actually blood related and the rest of them are basically adopted as a giant family. The immediate family stays as the ruling family while everyone else is active members. The ruling family head, or captain, wears the yellow insignia on the right arm. Everyone else wears it on the left.
Of the infected humans - Depending on the measure of their greed/intent, the humans use the demons’ powers for their own purposes. Those who are strong can manage to control the demons' powers and utilize them freely without being noticed (i.e. corrupted officials/politicians). Those who are weak lose control and are obvious targets (i.e. criminals, murderers, etc.)
Of how the Askari defeat the unseen - The blind captain is the one who can see everything perfectly without aid. The Askari scientists created special goggles with live cells that mix directly with the wearer's DNA (the goggles come prepared with a cable that gets inserted beneath the skull to allow direct neural transaction) and allow the wearer to slightly duplicate the blind captain's ability of seeing the demons. Of course, there are those who don't mix too well with the cells and are forced to serve in other ways.